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As Seen On Talk Of The Town
Valentine's Day Segment
Inexpensive yet thoughtful things to do for your significant other
Here's a list of the items that were featured on the Valentine's Day Segment of Talk Of The Town. All these can be made or purchased for under 50 dollars, but are still thoughtful and sweet gifts for your significant other.

Stuffed Animals
Always a great idea is stuffed animals. A quick and easy thing to get, but you can always put some thought into it and add a card to the animal or a tag to personalize it.

Home made food, or just sandwiches, a picnic is always a great little romantic "get away" for you and your loved one.

Heart Shaped Pancakes
Pancakes with a twist! Pink and heart shaped a great way to start your morning!

Wooden Roses
A wonderful way to say I love you with out the irritation of the different smells. This is perfect if your loved one is allergic to a lot of things.

Chocolate Covered Stawberries
There is an assortment of websites on the internet that teach you how to do this step by step. The one we did on TV included.

Out of a box or made from scratch, cupcakes are great for every occasion. Personalize them with a message or just simply a heart.

Rice Krispies
Made in under 30 minutes rice krispies can become a great treat for a holiday. Using cookie cutters once they are cooled they become a great valentines day gift.

Same as the cupcakes, these can be out of a box or made from scratch but what a great way to surprise your Valentine with in the morning for breakfast.

A great traditional gift to give your valentine. The flowers featured on this segment were from Earth Artist Florist in Granbury on Highway 377.

Again, another classic thing to get your valentine! The pieces featured in this segment were from Artefactz on the Square in Granbury.

Bath Stuff/Perfume
What a great way to spend your evening, relax after a long day in a nice bath with wonderful smells. This makes bath soaps and perfume a great gift.

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